New yamaha rd 500

Front Suspension 37mm Air assisted telescopic forks4-way spring preload adjustable and anti-dive variable. Street going two-strokers died in right? When the water-cooled RDLC appeared, first in Canada and then in the United States, it wasn't an authentic rebirth just a cameo appearance for those few dedicated RD-lovers, right again?

new yamaha rd 500

And the juggernaut of popular preference for big four-strokes rumbled ahead uncaring. Two-strokes were still dead.

Yamaha Rd 500 Motorcycles for sale

Emissions had killed them once, public lust for big four-strokes had killed them twice, and now the grass was green on the grave. Two-stroke technology didn't die - it just wasn't seen on the street-bike side of the showroom floor.

What about those torque-laden motocrossers, light as air, and factory road racers with wonderful rpm powerbands and the BMEP of a good four-stroke? Yes, there was progress aplenty, but it was invisible to pavement riders. On the other hand, every scrap of four-stroke streetster progress was instantly on sale and ready for immediate delivery. Now how about all that unexpressed, bottled-up two-stroke progress? What kind of street bike would all that make?

HONDA 2stroke NSR500 Exhaust Sound!!!! - 4K Ultra HD -

Don't tax your imagination. Yamaha has now built the RZ This hot pipe dream come to life is pretty much a road-going replica of the factory Yamaha OW80 now leading the road racing World Championship. Pipes jutting from everywhere, aluminum mufflers, eye-trapping detail in the footpeg plates, alloy foot controls, streamlining in team paintwork. Food for the eyes, sustenance for the imagination. And not available in the stores.

new yamaha rd 500

At least not here, not yet. What are Yamaha's intentions? Unknowable right now. Let's not ask. Let's gaze upon the parts. The RZ is light and powerful pounds dry and near 90 bhp. When the technology went in, the weight came out out of every part. Road racing over the last five years has been a hothouse of design competition, producing not only innovation but also attention to detail making earlier work look coarse.

Engineers questioned every use of material in this machine. Fasteners are down-sized. Thinwall castings abound.The reason? Nice to see an actual rider! If so, this is likely priced high given the discount bikes with repainted bodywork receive.

But the sympathetic ownership is a big plus, considering what it would probably cost to put one in more original, but neglected condition right for actual riding. There are some issues, but nothing major. The fit of the Chinese bodywork is less than ideal. Looks like the upper fairing mounts at the stay have had some repair work done.

The belly pan alignment is odd. Luck of the draw, it seems. All of that is pretty minor and easily rectified with the proper parts, although finding nice OEM bodywork can be a challenge. The upgrades and Bill Wilson engine more than make up for any minor shortcomings.

The AM26 tires are a good choice. I have them on mine and they are vast improvement over the BT Overall, not a bad entry point if you are looking to get into the RZ game. The engine, pipes, and carbs suggest this one will keep you smiling for many miles.

Not surprising as they are difficult to find and quite expensive now. If it is, the Transport Canada label is now missing, as you might expect from a US owned bike.

No mention of the engine number matching the VIN number. Do ask as it will affect value in future years as prices continue to climb. Get all our new posts delivered to your email automatically. Spam free! Enter your email address:. Featured Listings.

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Yamaha RD500 YPVS Review + Buyers Guide

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new yamaha rd 500

Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined May 27, Messages 1, Reaction score How cool is this? MrMayhem Well-Known Member. Joined Aug 21, Messages Reaction score Exclusive rendering for BeMoto by Kardesign. The year is and two-strokes rule, rather than damage the planet.

Yamaha RDLCs and Suzuki Gammas are literally smoking the competition, running piston rings around bikes twice their size while their hooligan bomber jacket-wearing pilots cackle manically inside their Simpson Bandit lids. While Yamaha made lumbering FJs for men to go touring, they also built RDs on the back of GP success for boys who could afford the finance.

In truth, the RD was a complex, cobbled-together rush job and Suzuki's later square four RG was faster and angrier, but it didn't matter. The clock was ticking on this glorious two-stroke era and ever-Draconian emissions legislation meant the end of the road for high-performance strokers.

Interestingly, Suter have just announced details of their own cc V4 two-stroke — now available for public purchase. It gives us an idea of the brain-melting performance of what a modern day RD would be like when you discover the Suter weighs just kg, makes bhp and a claimed top speed in excess of mph.

The engine is an evolution of the original RDLC V-four but instead of making 80bhp, we're looking at a true, reliable rear-wheel, fuel-injected, ram-air bhp of YPVS joy and a healthy 65lb. Can you hear the cackle from those four stingers? A fusion of YZR and R1 engineering result in a frame that can take the stresses a peaky high-performance stroker will deliver.

Unlike the European RD, this is lightweight alloy instead of steel. Suspension comes from the R6 and is adjustable for high and low-speed compression damping. The rear shock is situated in the traditional location behind the engine as opposed to under it as on the original. There's no comedy ineffective anti-dive valving in the forks or fashionable-at-the-time sixteen-inch front wheel either. Heat could be an issue with a compact V-four layout so the RD's bodywork is designed to keep things cool by channelling air where it's needed.

Cool air is forced in, warm air is expelled. The tail unit houses the exhausts from the rear cylinders while the seat pad opens to reveal a small storage compartment for that all-important spare bottle of fully-synthetic two-stroke oil. Back Wednesday 2nd March Looking cool In a parallel world Biog: Kar Lee Kardesign.But back in the early s Yamaha stunned motorcycling by announcing what looked very much like a road legal version of their then-new V4 GP racer for a price that pretty much any year-old rider with a full-time job could afford.

Yamaha already had the lightweight two-stroke market sewn up with their LC range.

The introduction of the second generation YPVS models in had cemented their dominance despite Suzuki fighting back with a water-cooled, alloy-framed RG The technology was interesting, but to be honest, pretty much every new bike at that time was re-writing the rules. From the mating of cylinder to crankcase surfaces to the varying thickness of the casings to the cylinder castings and much, much more, there was much development of previous RD technology in the engine, all of it designed to increase port areas and gas flow while reducing weight.

V4 layout only left room for a small airbox and inlet manifolds had a 90 degree bend. Not ideal for high-speed gasflow. On the race bike, without the need for air filters, the carbs could sit in the vee. In such a tightly packaged bike the carbs had to be mounted on the side of the engine, which added width and needed 90 degree turns in the inlet manifolds. Worse than that, the airbox volume was dictated by available space rather than engineering efficiency, which is never a recipe for big horsepower.

The result of all this compromise was an engine that claimed 90bhp, but delivered around 75bhp — around 25 per cent more than a healthy RD YPVS from a bike carrying an extra 40kg.

But by the time we knew that, the legend had already been built. This was a cc bike that had owners of Suzuki and Kawasaki cc superbikes trading up by trading down. And that had never happened before. And because bike insurance was banded on engine capacity back then, it also cost the same to insure as a Honda CBN Superdream.

Ready to Roll: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

Rumours of mph top speeds may have been a tad optimistic, but the only person keeping up would be the local Tom Cruise on his also-new-for GPzR. Some were used in production racing but without the expected success. The early s were an interesting time for chassis designers. Most had realised that change was necessary, but it would be another five years before the Japanese engineers got the formula right.

Two fat exhaust pipes exiting behind the engine meant the shock went horizontal below the motor to keep it cool. All the period chassis tech is present; inch front wheel, anti-dive system on the front forks and air-assisted fork damping.Make Yamaha. Model XT. I got it out of storage put the battery in it after a long winters nap and it started second kick and now it starts first kick. My son was in town and rode it to the lake and around town miles and said it runs excellent all the maintenance has been done.

Oil change valves adjusted cam chain tightened. Last year I put new chain and sprockets front and rear, Carb kit, battery all the stuff it needed to be in top condition. Due to physical disability I will never ride again so the best thing to do is sell it to someone who will enjoy it and have fun. I live in Wyoming so if you need an excuse to visit this state this is it enjoy yourself.

I would prefer local pickup because I like to give the option of a test ride if it is not what you expected or as described I will refund your money. I will ship the bike after receipt of payment but the buyer is in charge of all the shipping arrangements. I have a clear title and can be signed over the same day as purchase. This is a very nice bike no disappointments if you are looking for a very nice classic bike that runs excellent this is it.

I have this bike for sale locally. On Mar at PDT, seller added the following information. Runs good, I just went thru and cleaned the carb, as it was gummy from sitting. New street tires on it, new sprockets, o-ring chain and battery last year.

new yamaha rd 500

I have only put 40 miles on this in 3yrs. Wife says must go. I have title and current registration, all of which is up to date. If you have questions, please call me TT carb and swing arm. New Super Trapp muffler, new fenders, new high performance ignition, braided oil lines, new seat cover, new clutch, bars and levers.

Bike runs really good starts first kick. Bike is sold with a bill of sale only no pink. Here is an opportunity to own a beautiful rare Australian XT dual purpose enduro motorcycle. This bike was sold new in Australia and has the Australian motor vehicle certification board compliance approval plate. Odometer is in kilometers. Has great compression, idles and revs smooth.

Rides great and shifts smooth.Make Yamaha. Model RD It's a Yahama R6 runs great I ride it just about everyday. The body is in great condition as well, I truly enjoy my bike how ever a family emergince has come up and need to sell my toy, becuase family comes first in my world. Make me a reasonable offer since in this situation I am going to have to make a scarfice in. Make an offer You will be suprised at how impotant this is to me.

I bought it from the original owner 17 years ago in Napa, CA with 7, original miles on it. It had been in storage and not ridden in the 20 years prior to my purchase in I have put about 3, miles on it in 17 years. I own a vintage bike collection and rotate the bikes I ride and therefore I have not put too many miles on this R5. I registered the bike as non-operated in and you will only need to transfer title and pay the current registration to put this bike back on the road in CA.

If this bike is going to an out of state buyer I will keep the license plate. This bikes runs great and starts on the first kick. This is a Two-stroke engine with auto lube oil injection. Just put 2 stroke oil in the oil tank, gas in the gas tank and start.

No pre-mixing necessary. Although this bike is now 45 years old, it has very little wear on it due to it's low 10, original miles and runs very strong. Just about every part on the bike is original to this motorcycle including the original tool set. I did change the handlebars, hand grips, battery, spark plugs, drive chain, tubes and tires. I have the original handlebars with chrome in very good condition which will go with the bike.

I will be happy to mount them on the bike if that is preferred by the new owner before pick up. I also have some flat rise "drag" bars I could swap for the low bars currently on the bike if the new owner doesn't want the original or low bars. The original tires were on the bike when I bought it but I replaced them due to their age 15 years ago. The Dunlop K81 rear tire currently on the bike is getting worn and could use a replacement in the next 1, miles. Pretty much the only original parts missing are the turn signals which had been removed by the previous owner and the headlight switch thumb knob.

The headlight switch still works with the tip of the remaining part of the knob still protruding enough to operate.

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